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Ashley Jade Stern, the youngest child of celebrity Howard Stern, was born in New York City and has been in the spotlight her entire life. Not as popular as her father but she still managed to get a lot of media attention throughout the years. Here, you will get to learn more about her life, including her wealth and earnings, profession, love life, age, and her height as well as the most extensive wiki-bio you will ever read about her.

Early Life and Background

Ashley Jade Stern opened her eyes in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York in the year 1993 on January 24. She is the youngest of four children, to parents Howard Stern and Alison Berns. Howard Stern is recognizable for his career as a radio and television host, while Alison Berns worked as an actress and radio host. Emily Beth Stern and Deborah Jennifer Stern are the two elder sisters of Ashley.

During her youthful stage, she was in a well-known and influential family back in the country. It was reported that Howard and Alison got married in 1978 and were blessed with a daughter Ashley but the couple parted ways in the year 2001. Nevertheless, her parents’ divorce became public, but Ashley still did not attract much media attention during her childhood and teenage years.


Ashley was a student in a private school located in New York City where she performed well academically. In terms of her higher learning, she attended college after completing high school; however, the exact process has not been made public. This decision to stay off the limelight about her education is in line with other aspects she has chosen about her personal life.


Ashley Jade Stern, unlike her father, has not embraced the entertainment industry but has chosen to grace the music industry. While lots of details regarding her life are easily obtainable, little is known about her career, which may indicate that she is in an industry that is not one that usually receives a great deal of publicity. They may have taken up different businesses or careers or worked in a field that is not as exposed as some others due to their family.

Net Worth

However, there is no specific information about Ashley Jade Stern’s earnings or net worth because she is not active in the music industry and prefers to keep her personal life out of the media limelight. Nevertheless, given that her father is Howard Stern who has an assessed worth of $650 million, one can only guess that Ashley’s family is not short of money either. As for the precise calculation of her net worth, it appears that she owns assets and financial resources, although their estimated amount is not currently public.

Personal Life

Knowledge of her personal life is closely guarded due to the privacy that Ashley Jade Stern cherishes. This is in contrast with many kids who are born into celebrity families and will do anything to draw attention to them; Ashley, on the other hand, has always been a very private person. This decision has let her lead a comparatively ordinary life and be free from the intrusive attention of the public to celebrities.

There have been speculations about her relationships or rather, boyfriends, but this has been rare and more so, and there has not been any solid proof of the same. Ashley also rarely participates on social media platforms which makes it even harder for the public to stick its nose into her business. It is worthy of praise that she has the level of privacy that she has, despite the spotlight that her family enjoys.

Age and Height

In statistics up to 2024, Ashley Jade Stern is 31 years old. Her approximate estimated height is 5 feet and 6 inches or 168 centimeters. In matters concerning her looks, It is said that she has features from her both parents; she is pretty like her mother but with her father’s charm.


Full Name: Ashley Jade Stern  

Date of Birth: January 24, 1993  

Place of Birth: Old Westbury, Long Island, New York, USA  

Parents: Howard Stern (father), Alison Berns (mother)  

Siblings: Emily Beth Stern (sister), Deborah Jennifer Stern (sister)  

Nationality: American  

Ethnicity: Caucasian  

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius  

Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)  

Net Worth: Undisclosed  

Education: Schooled in a private school in New York City; information about college is not disclosed.

Profession: Undisclosed  


Ashley Jade Stern is the perfect representation of a woman who loves her privacy and even though she came from a famous family she seems to live a very secluded life. Due to her ability to keep a low profile and to date, keep her professional and personal life segregated, she has been able to lead a somewhat normal life despite being associated with celebrities.

In a world where many children of celebrities want the fame that their parents have, Ashley Jade Stern is a completely different character – a woman who loves her privacy and has no wish to be recognized anywhere. Proving that it is possible to maintain a healthy, safe distance and enjoy the fruits of the success not submerging into the limelight.

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