Will There Be No Game No Life season 2?

No Game No Life is a Japanese novel series written by Yu Kamiya. The novel has been produced as a series and the series was released between 25th of April 2012 and 25th of August 2016. There are 12 episodes of the first season of No Game No Life. 


The plot of the series is about a group of humans who are gamers and they attempt to beat the god of the game in a series of board games in order to win the throne of God. Two gamers Sora and Shiro, the step-siblings are gamers in an online gaming world. Once, they are challenged for a game by God from another reality. They accept the challenge believing it as a joke that the opponent is a God. 

The show had a brilliant response from the audience and since the 12 episodes have ended, the audience is waiting for the second season of the show. 

Is There Going To Be Another Season?

Well, nothing official has been heard from the show. The date of the second season has yet not been released but that doesn’t mean that the show would definitely not be having another season. There are factors that are kept in consideration when determining that an anime should or should not get a new season. 

There are primarily three factors that determine if an anime gets another season or not. These three are source material, money, and popularity. Of course, there are other reasons as well but these three seasons are a must for releasing another season of anime. 

  1. Source Material.

Source material refers to where the anime is getting its source like from a manga or a light novel. Is the current seasons have consumed all the material from the novel and there is nothing left, what are the directors going to get on with. No material means no season. 

  1. Money.

An anime series is an expensive series. No Game No Life costs about 3 million dollars and we are only talking about one season. If the series is earning something back for the production, only then the directors and producers have a chance to come up with a new season. No money means no production.

  1. Popularity. 

Who do we expect to watch the series is the show isn’t popular enough? If the show isn’t popular enough to gauge the audience for the first season, there is no point in releasing the new season. No fame means no need for a new season. 

There are currently about 10 light novels of the show No Game No Life which is released in Japan. There is a lot of source material for the light novel to turn it into a show. Although, the No Game No Life series has been ongoing in Japan. The latest light novel was released on the 25th of January 2018. Although, there is no new novel announced yet for the year 2019. 

The anime of No Game No Life which aired in the year 2015 reformed the volume 1, 2 and 3. On the other hand, No Game No Life Zero adapted the entire book 6 of the light novel. Volume 4 of the light novel continues to go even after the anime. 

The light novel has been released in Japanese but the good news for all you anime fans, you can now access the English version through YenPress. You can purchase the version and enjoy the English version of anime. 

The popularity of No Game No Life

We need to make sure if the game has enough fans and popularity before we move on to releasing the new season of No Game No Life. 

As per the statistics, social media proves that the official twitter account of No Game No Life has about 120,000 followers, last checked in May 2019. 

On the other hand, as per Google searches, only 30% of people searched for No Game No Life. The current Google searches are about 10%.

The release of the new light novel hasn’t been good as well. On the other hand, the merchandise of the show has also been slowed down. 


The anime studios have been very busy at the time. Although, we can surely say that if a new season for No Game No Life was released the audience would be really pumped and excited. As per the source material discussed earlier, the new series of the light novel brings a new source of material for the second season, this goes in favor of releasing a new season for No Game No Life. On the other hand, the popularity of the series is also favorable as the social media accounts of the anime have a lot of followers and fans. As far as the money is concerned, No Game No Life has been proving profitable for the company, so it is likely to be favorable in releasing a new season. 

Although no release date has been yet announced for the second season we are genuinely hoping to get a new release in the year 2021.

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